Republic Ranches, LLC is an elite farm, ranch and rural properties brokerage firm that provides unmatched professionalism, talent and dedication, and unwavering ethics, to our clients. We serve Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas, Louisiana and, via a strategic alliance with Fay Ranches, the remainder of the Rocky Mountain West and the southeastern states. Republic Ranches is one of the most powerful land brokerages in the country. We have offices in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Hondo, Houston, San Antonio, Telluride, Pagosa Springs and Albuquerque that allow us to effectively cover a broad region that is home to some of the finest ranches in North America. Our well-connected presence in the major cities gives us access to qualified buyers who nowadays often come from the capital-rich major metro areas. As a team, we bring to bear a new level of professionalism, talent, dedication, and unwavering ethics on behalf of our clients.


If you are a buyer or seller of large land assets in today’s market you find yourself navigating a world of complex and highly consequential decisions. You need a well-seasoned team of experts to be at your side.

The team at Republic Ranches, led by founding partners Jeff Boswell, Charles Davidson, Mark Matthews, Bryan Pickens, and John Wallace, draws its strength from collaboration. The diverse and extensive pool of collective knowledge, networks and resources truly allows Republic to offer the best support possible to its clients.

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Ron Kendall Jr.

Sales Associate 

Republic Ranches, LLC.



Ron Kendall Jr. is a wildlife manager and Republic Ranches team member residing in Lubbock, TX. After moving to Texas at a young age Ron began living and working on his family’s ranch in Kent County, Texas. Over the years, Ron began managing properties throughout the Rolling Plains for quail and deer hunting. After graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in Energy Commerce, Ron expanded his management reach by founding Quail Safe, a company focused on assisting landowners in developing management programs for quail and other wildlife. Ron is passionate about helping landowners meet their management goals and representing them in land transactions. Ron is licensed in Texas.

Ronald Kendall Jr. License Number: #740007 Associated with Republic Ranches, LLC. Broker License Number: #9000612