Quail Safe®  is a company dedicated to the preservation of wild quail populations through the use of modern science and technology. The Quail Safe team is made up of wildlife experts and engineers, we are invested in the advancement of wildlife management through cutting edge research and development.




What about parasites?

Eyeworm Close-Up

The eyeworm feeds on tissues and glands within the eyes and nasal sinuses.

Loss of Vision

96% related at the DNA level to the Loa loa, a central African human eyeworm known to cause blindness.

Caecal Worm

Up to 1,700 found in a single bird, these worms suck nutrients and impede digestion in a quail. 

What can you do?


Invest in the future of feeding wild quail. Year round supplemental feeding is suggested through our feed delivery system. 

QuailGuard™(Coming Soon)

Administer QuailGuard during suggested treatment periods. QuailGuard should be administered through a targeting system such as QUAIL SAFE

More about QuailGuard :

QuailGuard is the first medicated feed developed for treatment of parasitic infection in wild quail in North America. In the development phase this feed has been shown to be very effective in treating parasitic infection including eyeworms and ceacal worms in wild quail. This feed is expected to be available to the public late 2020.

For more info visit: wildlifetoxicologylab.org