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​QuailGuard is a specialized medicated feed designed to combat parasitic infections in wild quail. Developed by Dr. Ron Kendall, Ph.D. of the Wildlife Toxicology Lab at Texas Tech University, QuailGuard utilizes select grains and proprietary active ingredients to eliminate eyeworms and cecal worms, which significantly impact quail health. This product has been proven to enhance the overall health and survival rates of quail populations. 

Key Features

  • First FDA-Approved Medicated Feed: Specifically for wild quail in the U.S.

  • Effective Against Parasites: Targets eyeworms and cecal worms.

  • Research-Backed: Developed by Dr. Ron Kendall with support from quail research organizations.

  • High Impact: Proven to improve quail health and reduce disease spread.

Fortified Benefits

  • Enhanced Nutrition: Fortified with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

  • High Protein Content: Contains 21% crude protein, over triple that of whole milo.

  • Health Improvements: Improves quail immune function and reproductive health.

  • Year-Round Feeding: Perfect for supplemental feeding of quail throughout the year.

  • Packaging Options: 50lb bags.

Usage Recommendations

  • Strategic Feeding Stations: QuailGuard is recommend to be offered through strategic feeding stations. The Quail Safe Feeder has been utilized over the last 6 years to conduct field study through the registration of QuailGuard. Quail Safe is specifically designed to target quail and protect the feed from weather damage

  • Feeder Density: One feeder per 200 acres, adjustable based on habitat and budget.

  • Feeding Schedule: Fill feeders between March 1-April1 and August 1-October 1 for 21 days of treatment.

  • Supplemental Feeding: Use Quail Safe Fortified Feed year-round for optimal health.




Funding for the research was primarily provided by Park Cities Quail Coalition (PCQC) and the Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation (RPQRF). The funds were raised by sportsmen sportsmen who are concerned about the declining hunt able populations of wild quail in Texas and beyond. For more details, visit

This medicated feed should be fed for 21 consecutive days to wild quail. No prior

withdrawal of feed is necessary. It is recommended that wild quail feed containing SAFE-
GUARD® be fed as crumbles. It is not recommended that medicated feed containing

fenbendazole be generally broadcast, but rather offered in strategic feeding stations or
through feeders. Users should ensure that the medicated feed is consistently available
during the 21-day treatment period.

We are currently working to make QuailGuard® widely available throughout Texas and Oklahoma. We distribute through the Bryant Grain Co. network. Feed will begin shipping to dealers in network July 2024. Please reach out to your local Bryant Grain dealer to request our product. You can reach our team at: to request feed in your area. 

Find dealers here:

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